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Mar 22, 2023

I have spent the last few months deliberating about what items I would include in this blog. I told myself that I wanted to make a list of investments that would make a massive impact on your growth and not your ordinary, normal things. The following items are the items I use every single day that I genuinely can’t live without.

1. Osulloc Green Tea from Korea

I drink this about 1 to 3 times a day. It keeps me focused on the tasks that I do so I can create blogs like this. This green tea from South Korea has high trace amounts of L-theanine and helps support alertness, relaxation, and sleep. When I went to South Korea, I visited this tea farm called Osulloc, they have a crazy, awesome background story and the reason why it’s just so amazing is it’s proven organic not just in South Korea but in the global industry standard.

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2. Kindle

At first, I didn’t believe in Kindle as I always prefer books because I can put sticky notes and use a highlighter and a pen. There was a period in my life when I first got into journaling, and I was actively reading books when my backpack just started getting really heavy.

With this, I don’t have to bring heavy books or flip pages. It fits in my backpack anywhere I go. I can read in any lighting conditions and the pages won’t crumble up even if I put water on it. It’s so convenient as you can read thousands of books on a small device in any condition.

3. RumbleRoller

I was always a huge component of fitness and making sure my body felt right. RumbleRoller looks painful, but it feels great. The little bumps on it could get into the crevice of your back. This loosens you up, and there are a lot of proven benefits to using a foam roller actively.

I used to go to a Chiropractor and have him do it, but I realized I could do the same thing with this foam roller as there wasn’t any huge difference.

The benefit of this is you buy once, and you can crack your back for free. It opens up my range of motion, so if I feel stiff from sitting all day, this tends to relax me more out. On top of that, you get a more increased blood flow. I can crack a part of my neck when I’m using this foam roller and I can feel the blood going into parts of my back.

Every time that happens, you have to realize that blood carries oxygen, glucose, and other nutrients to those muscles and connective tissues that help with repairing and increasing the longevity and health of your own muscles.

4. Glorious Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This makes me more excited to work. Chances are, whatever work you’re doing, some component involves you having to type or use a computer.

Now, if you have a mechanical keyboard that is ergonomic and feels good, it can help with your productivity because it makes you more excited to type. I discovered that my WPM started to go up and I realized that I started to go back to the computer even more.

5. Fujifilm X100V

This is the camera I took with me to South Korea. It helped me push my creative boundaries to limits I didn’t know possible. Being a Social Media Influencer, something that I fail to do often is to start flexing those creative muscles that I have just like working out, just like making the gains at the gym. It’s so important for a Creator to constantly be trying to create more than consume.

Once I got this camera, I did a few upgrades to it. I got a lens filter, a lens hood, and added a cool red button.

I just found that this camera really shaped the way I approached photography which also blends more into how I approach videography which is where you guys are watching me from, and it started to make me think more often about how I can create more content in different places.

Regardless of whatever profession you are in, I believe everyone should be creating to some degree, whether it’s thru photos, content, or videos.

article-pic article-pic

6. Owala Water Bottle

I’ve used about 20 different water bottles but I keep coming back to my Owala water bottle. It has a straw and a drinking spout which makes drinking water from the bottle easier.

7. Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin D3 Supplement

I have different types of vitamins but I realized this one has the perfect blend. Instead of taking three different types of pills, it carries all the essential nutrients and vitamins that I need with the two capsules that I take once a day.

Every time winter comes around, I always get sick but this is the first time that I haven’t had a full-blown cold and I really believe it’s because I’ve taken this supplement. I’ve slept much better, gotten sick less and felt way better just taking my supplements.

8. Nike Sportswear RPM Rucksack Bkpk

I took this backpack with me to South Korea and to Palm Springs. I carry a backpack with me because I need my laptop, my book, my water bottle, and my camera. It’s been holding up well, it protects my stuff and I’ve been able to fill it up with other stuff. It’s a simple backpack that I carry with me wherever I go.

9. Glock 43X

About a few months ago here in Maryland, we were approved to get our concealed carry weapons license. In the county I’m living in, crime has been skyrocketing to just an incredible amount.

I almost got stabbed outside my apartment, a guy bumped into me and chased me with a knife. I didn’t have any protection back then so all I could do was run.

I never wanna be in a position where I can not protect myself so one of the best unusual purchases I made this year is getting a firearm, getting a proper licensing, and getting the 16-hour class and training. I also practice almost on a weekly basis and stay up to date with all the different changes in the law. I’m making sure I’m looking at resources to prevent a situation before anything even happens.

I really hope that I never ever have to use any weapon to this degree but if I need to protect myself, my friends, my family, or any loved ones, I will not hesitate to do so.

I highly encourage everyone who is allowed to, if you have the legal right to do so to make sure that you at least protect yourself.

10. Bible

South Korea is a turning point in my life because ever since that trip, I’ve really been getting back into the Word. I grew up in Church but I always had a hard time with my faith.

I’m someone who questions everything in life. Even in school, I questioned every single rule. I questioned almost every subject out there. For me, if I ever could not conceive a certain topic, I would question it. That’s just my way of life. With that mindset, I’m lucky enough that it allowed me to get here where I started questioning the entire system. So there was a benefit in my questioning many of these different things.

Lately, I’ve been meditating more on the Word and praying more. I believe if you can have some type of guide, it will help you navigate when things get rough. It will be beneficial for you to have something you can rely on or something that you can read.

I remember even a few years back, my version of the Bible was business books. They were self-help books and self-improvement books like Think and Grow Rich, The Wealthy Gardener, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and The Intelligent Investor but reading the Bible has become a very important part of my life.

As I read the Bible, it amazes me that so many principles that we live by and work by come out of God’s word.

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